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The foundation is laid...

Jesus Christ, the designer and builder of the church, is the foundation sparked by the Holy Spirit that led Deacon Willis Sims during a gathering attended by members of the Sims, Pittman’s, Burgess, Thomas and Lofton families to begin the origin of the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in February 1930.  As time progressed, and with the addition of believers of the Christian faith, on July 21, 1939, the Reverend S. R. Bright, Moderator and Sis. Evelyn Sims, Church clerk, and the congregation, voted to name the church, the Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church.

Reverend Lofton

On September 3, 1939, the First Bethlehem Missionary Association Inc., led by Rev. W. W. Burns, Moderator, and the members moved into the present location, 866 Golden Street, Tallahassee, Florida. Rev. T. S. Lofton, served as Pastor, and the doors opened with letters of membership from the original families and others flourished from near and far, focused with a “mind to work” (Nehemiah 4:6). Rev. Lofton’s service of 10 years, involved participation in the Missionary Society, Choir and other ministry boards.

The church continues to thrive...

Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church continued to thrive and in 1949, Rev. W. I. Webb served in the Pastoral position for one year and established the Board of Deacons, Mothers and other ministries.  This ministry was never short of powerful Preaching and Teaching and from 1952 until 1959, Rev. L. P. Davis served. Rev. M. Harwick served from April 30, 1954 until July 1957, in which he dutifully worked on remodeling and renovating the church. 

The Legacy continues...

The Legacy continues, through the leadership and humble spirit of the Rev. Theopolis T. Jackson (T.T. Jackson), who served for 32 years. The church prospered, the membership increased, and through the weekly teachings of Bible Study and Prayer Service, additional ministries were added.  He organized building projects, 5 choirs, and Deacons as “Ward leaders” to effectively communicate with the membership.

Name Change

On November 19, 1974, with the consensus of the Leadership and Body, the name was officially changed to the Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church. Membership and church finances increased at a rapid pace, resulting in a great celebration that included a Mortgage Burning Worship Service on March 22, 1987. Three years later, on January 7, 1990, Rev. T. T. Jackson, retired and was recognized as Pastor Emeritus on October 5, 1990.  The work and legacy of Rev. T. T. Jackson continues to live in the lives of those who were embraced with the opportunity to share in his explementary leadership and legacy. Rev. T.T. Jackson passed in 1990 and his wife, Mrs. Alice Jackson passed a few years later.

Interim Pastor

Rev. Amos E. Walker was selected by the Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church membership to serve as Interim Pastor. During his term, a Pastoral Search Committee was organized and narrowed the candidates down to 3 applicants. In August 1990, the Rev. Craig P. Riley Sr., accepted the charge and was elected as the 6th Pastor of the ministry.

Time to relocate

During Pastor Riley’s leadership, the Greater Mount Pleasant MBC was acknowledged as the “Church on the Hill”, and drew in large populations of students from the local colleges, support from the Government, State and Local officials. The GMP choirs performed under great and renown Musical Leaders, and advanced to multiple requests for guest appearances. As the church continued to grow, the church needed a facility to host conferences, trainings, larger classroom and a reception hall, a decision to relocate to 3434 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida.

"Where Love Conquers All"

In March 2013, the ministry returned to the original location and resumed services. In the same year, Pastor Riley retired in September.  The church went on an immediate fast in pursuit of its next leader. After a nationwide Pastoral Search, Bishop Sylvester Robinson Sr., was selected and installed as the 7th Pastor in April 2015, depicting the theme, “The Church On the Hill Where Love Conquers All”.  Bishop Robinson served until 2017.

Current Pastor: Dr Robinson, Jr. 

The legacy of Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist is a ministry of resilience, and Rev. Alfred Colson, the Youth Pastor, was asked to serve as Interim Pastor, while the ministry went into prayer for the 8th successor.  The Pastoral Search Committee received numerous applications for this position, welcomed and presented the candidates. On September 8, 2018, the congregation made their decision through an electoral process to name                   Dr. Roderick L. Robinson Jr, as Senior Pastor.

RLRJ Pic.jpg
"Pastor of New Beginnings"

Our legacy continues through the great work of Dr. Robinson, the Pastor of “New Beginnings”. As God continues to lead him, he is leading the GMP ministry. The Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church is moving in one direction. His resounding theme, often recited during the worship service is a reminder that GMP is accelerating to a new level and it gets no better than the Greater Experience!

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